Why you are here? Because i am a new word/stroke/color in traditional design

Yes, at a time when the main trends of modern design were forming, I was developing printed materials. And I got a lot of experience in this. More than 10 years in the development of business cards, booklets, albums, prints on T-shirts, films on cars and banners on buildings - all this is about me. But the industry quickly went to the Internet. Only the foolish does not adapt to the trends of the time. And for several years now, I have been inspiringly drawing logos, websites, banners for online advertising, and design for social networks. And I think I'm very good at this =). Satisfied customers around the world, from cold Russia to hot South America - oh, this worldwide network! I hope to see you as my satisfied customer in the near future.

who i am

I was born a long time ago, in a country that no longer exists. Others almost immediately noticed my craving for drawing (oh, poor walls in the living room). And my talent, of course =). Then everything was pretty banal. Amateur art club, art school, high school. After - a long job in the industry. Getting experience (mistakes, losses), the first delights of satisfied customers, pride in an excellent job. And then, finally, I'm here. Hello again =)


what i do

Now it has become fashionable to make various infographics with a description of their skills in dealing with graphic editors (like this: illustrator - 78%, photoshop - 55%). I have no idea how to measure my skills in handling the program. Probably in this way people tell how much percent of the manual "Photoshop for a Dummies" they read, right? =). About myself, I can say this: I am good at raster graphics, very good at vector graphics, and normal at newspaper / magazine typesetting and fonts. And I can draw with my hands. Yes, yes, paper, canvas, brushes, paints, pencil. That's all, no percent.


how it's look

Let’s look at what I’ve talked about before. Next I will lay out some of my favorite works in different genres. What for? And suddenly, based on my examples, something will come to your mind. something that we can bring to life with you!

talk to me

Even if you have not found anything here that would interest you, talk to me! Most likely there are several unrealized ideas for you inside my head!

Let's see!